Discover the Palatinate

Meckenheim is a charming, quite village in the Palatinate region of Germany. It is the perfect base to discover the rich cultural heritage of the region and/or immerse in the culinary revelations. Meckenheim has a good infrastructure with local and international restaurants, wine producers with cellar tastings, bakers, butcher and supermarket. Lots of farmers sell their home grown products right off the farm.

Located in the warmest region of Germany you will get peaches, apricots, almonds, figs and kiwis, not to mention the famous vineyards with exceptional but affordable products.

Take a bike and explore the numerous (flat) cycling paths through the vineyards. For the ambitious cyclist or hiker the nearby Palatinate Forest pose a challenge.

Every year the famous wine festival "Gässelkerwe" takes place in Meckenheim last weekend in May.

There is lots more to discover and we are happy to provide you with more information. You won't get bored - promise.

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